LKV373 Project Update - Building IT9919 Software with GCC


Nov 7, 2019
In this series I have been hacking around with the IT9919 media processor that powers the Lenkeng LKV373 HDMI Extender Device and the EZCAP 283S which were reviewed in previous videos.

In this video we look at some of the latest of discoveries, and demonstrate how we can now compile code for the device using GCC.

I used my call-graph script from the previous video to dump out the call-graph of the whole of the Lenkeng upgrader software. I then used the networkx graph library in python to isolate the sub-graph of functions called by puts() which I knew the address of from previous experiments, which gave this diagram:

From various other hints in the strings, I suspected the software contained a build of newlib of whatever vintage.

I then used the or1k disassembler to try and piece together a plausible theory for the number and type arguments to the various functions called by puts.

Still quite uncertain, I decided to take a punt on 0xa512c being the correct address, and voila - it worked!

In future jobs like this will be a bit easier, because v3l0c1r4pt0r has written a patch for radare2 that adds support for or1k.