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022 - Nix-powered Docker Images

Building Docker images using the Nix package management system.

021 - Getting Started with Nix

Introduction to the world of Nix - a unique and powerful package manager powered by a functional programming language.

020 - LKV373 Project Update - Building IT9919 Software with GCC

Reviewing the latest project developments, and experiments compiling software for the IT9919 with GCC.

019 - IT9919 Hacking - part 4 - Diving into the boot-ROM

Investigating the booting mechanism to try and uncover the mystery of the SMAZ compressions scheme and checksum.

018 - IT9919 Hacking - part 3 - Hacking Upgrade Files

Digging deeper into the IT9919 upgrade files.

017 - IT9919 Hacking - part 2 - Hunting for Checksums

Building a larger hardware hacking rig, and experiments with the upgrade files.

016 - IT9919 Hacking - part 1 - Reading firmware with flashrom

Tools and techniques for reading and writing to flash chips with the flashrom open-source flash-reader software and the “Blue Pill” STM32F103 board.

015 - Eakins HDMI Camera & Microscope

Review and experiments with the Eakins HDMI Microscope Kit, and various C-Mount lenses.

014 - IcoBoard Software Defined Radio Project - Hardware

Hardware design and construction of a Software Defined Radio project powered by the IcoBoard.

013 - The IcoBoard and Open Source FPGA Synthesis

Experiments with Open Source FPGA synthesis with the IceStorm tool-chain and the IcoBoard.

012 - EZCAP 283S HDMI Capture Box - Review, Teardown and Experiments

Teardown and experiments with EZCAP 283S video capture device for HDMI and analog video inputs.

011 - USB Debugging with sigrok

Advanced USB packet capture with logic analyzers and sigrok.

010 - Anet E10 3D Printer Assembly and Initial Impressions

Initial assembly, review and testing of the brand new Anet E10 3D Printer. Is it a Creality CR-10 beater?

009 - DSLogic Logic Analyzer Review and Teardown

Review, teardown and experiments with the DSLogic Plus 400Msps 16-channel logic analyzer.

008 - Prototype Enclosures with FreeCAD & OpenSCAD

Introduction to 3D Modelling in FreeCAD and OpenSCAD for designing 3D printed mountings for prototype electronics.

007 - Anet A8 3D Printer

Review, assembly and experiments with the Anet A8 sub-$200 3D Printer.

006 - IBQ102 2.6GHz Frequency Counter

Review, tear-down and experiments with the IBQ102 Frequency Counter.

005 - 4.4GHz RF Synthesizer - ADF4351 - Theory, Setup, Reverse Engineering, Experiments

The ADF4351 is an RF frequency synthesizer capable of producing tones from 37MHz to 4.4GHz. But how well does it perform? and can it work with open source software?

004 - Messing with the CHIP $9 computer, and PocketCHIP

Review and experiments with the CHIP $9 mini-computer, and the PocketCHIP plug-in for the CHIP that makes it into a mobile computing device.

003 - LKV373A: a $40 HDMI capture solution?

The Lenkeng LKV373A is a $40 HDMI-over-IP network sender used for sending video over a network to a remove TV, but can it be used instead as a cheap video capture device?

002 - Testing the Linux Kernel driver for the Lattice iCE40 FPGA

Demonstration and testing of the new Linux Kernel driver for the Lattice iCE40 FPGA with sigrok, including an introduction to device-tree and driver development.

001 - Sigrok and Logic Analyzers

Introduction and experiments with low-cost logic analysers and the sigrok software suite.

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